Aug 12, 2018


We are in week 2 of Made for Mission. We said last week that every person has been called by God for a mission. You are not an accident or fluke but you are God’s masterpiece created for a purpose.

With this mission you’ve got some options. Some people ignore their mission in life. Other’s will flirt with their mission. Some will every once in a while accidently live out part of their purpose but only for a short time. Then life gets busy and they fall back into the daily grind of everyday life. Then there are some who will actively live the mission God made them for. They find it because God’s not hiding it from them.

Jesus was a man on a mission. He resolutely set out to lay down His life for the sake of others salvation. With great intention and courage He knew where he was going and that his life was bigger than himself.

Jesus made it clear that the mission of those who would follow him was the same as His. Followers must lay down their lives on a daily basis for the sake of others. This isn’t just a one time event, this is the mission of our lives on a daily basis, from now till Jesus returns. Our mission is way bigger than ourselves.

God doesn’t just invite you to -come to church on Sundays. He invites you to join Him in His  mission where He is already at work. God’s mission needs to be our mission.

I think one of Satan’s most powerful tool to get Jesus follower’s off mission is the weapon of DISTRACTION.

Did you know: The average person checks their cell phone 110 times a day. That works out to 9 times an hour.

Can we all agree, we live in a distracted culture? If Satan can’t make you bad he will make you busy. However he can get you off the mission that you were made for, he’s winning.

Read Luke 9:57-62 

1. The distraction of Comfort
  Many times in life we grow the most when we are uncomfortable and needing to trust Jesus. Our world is  obsessed with safety and comfort. What happens when the distraction of Comfort comes in conflict with the Mission of Jesus? What happens when comfort becomes a bigger deal in your life than Christ? 
2. The distraction of Commitment
   Jesus promises that if we place His Kingdom first in our lives then He will take care of all the other things we love to stress about. While many of the commitments you’ve made may be really good and honorable Jesus still tells us that His mission must come first.
3. The distraction of Competition
  The mission that God has called us to must be seen as a reward and not a regret. He wants you to step forward into His calling, His confidence and His joy, not looking back in uncertainty and anxiety.

There are lots of things in our lives that are competing with God’s mission. Making money, Being healthy, Being successful in the world’s eyes, having everything you want, having your kids turn out perfectly. Many of these things are great but do they ever compete with God’s mission of walking with him no matter the cost.

Jesus is not about creating a following. He is about making followers. Simply saying that you will follow him is not enough. Are you willing to lay down your own comforts, your other commitments or the things that compete for your time to chase after/follow Jesus?

Ask yourself:

“God, do I have any distractions in my life that I need to let go of today?”

-Are there any comforts that I have made more important than You (Christ)?

-Are there any other commitments that I’ve been saying, “but first,” before I can fully follow Your (Christ’s) call on my life?

-Is there anything competing that might be good but have become more important than my calling to know You (Christ) and make You known?

Let's leave them at the altar. At the Feet of Jesus. Leave this place - Truly living for Him.

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