Feb 18, 2018

Close Encounters - The Challenge - Ezekiel 44:11-14

There is a huge difference between an encounter and a Close Encounter. Over the next couple weeks, we are going to learn the ingredients that are necessary to have a Close Encounter with God.

Close Encounters can take on different forms. A close encounter may be seeing God at work in your life. A close encounter may be physical evidence of him. Maybe experiencing His healing physically, emotionally, spiritually. But the close encounter we should hold out for is Contact. The daily interaction. Daily communion. Daily presence. Daily relationship....With our God.

On a regular basis we encounter men. We encounter church. We encounter emotional moments. We encounter exhilarating times of worship. But my question today is...When was the last time that you had a close encounter with God?

We must understand that there is a huge difference between an encounter and a close encounter.

I would tell you today -that many churches or Christians -most of us have had an encounter/encounters with God. The problem is we get content to just settle for encounters with God.

But I want to challenge you to want for no to long for More than just an encounter with God. We need a close encounter. Contact!

King Saul had a great anointing. He just didn’t have a close encounter with God. He had no problem with that as long as he could have anointing. As long as the gold was still there. As long as the palace bed was still soft. As long as people still bowed down to him. David is a man after God’s own heart. He had a close encounter with God. All the while Joab his right hand man never has more than an encounter with God. Same environment -same opportunities-same God but different outcome.

The challenge that lies before us as a body and as individuals is whether we will settle for an encounter from time to time? Or will we hold out and hold on for a life changing, world wrecking, city shaking, addiction breaking, marriage restoring, teenager rescuing close encounter with our God?

In order for us to see his happen we have to make a choice and a decision. We have a choice/decision of what kind of church we want and what kind of relationship we want with God.

READ:  Ezekiel 44:11-14

If we are not careful we can be satisfied with doing the business of the King, and never really encountering Him OR we can make up our minds that we want more than that. We have to set our face like flint and fight for a close encounter with Him.

We can have a church where the close encounter is so close that all we can do is stand in awe. We can have a church where the move of God is so profound and so pronounced that Versailles will have to sit up and take notice. That people will flock to find out what is happening, that the starved will find spiritual food as well as physical food, that drug addict will find healing, that the unloved will find the love for which they have so longed.

We have a choice. We can settle for the encounters that have satisfied us for so long or become determined and desperate for us to be an individual where we have such a close encounter with God that stuff will fall off and stay off!

I once heard it said  “A church is not a church until God decides that it will become a place of divine visitation. A building in all its splendor is not a church until God takes up residence there!” We need God to occupy our place. We are nothing without His presence.

So my challenge is; Will you stop at only an encounter? Will you be satisfied with just a little taste here and there? Or will you join us as we pursue/chase after His presence at all costs.

My prayer today is that together we will press in until we have a close encounter with God. Long for something more of God...Long for a close encounter with Him.

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