Feb 25, 2018

Close Encounters: The Terms - 2 Chronicles 5: 11-14

How do we have a close encounter with God?

What is the process/steps/ingredients that we must combine in order to have this face-to-face daily close encounter with Him?

Key elements in a close encounter. . . The Terms.

Most of us have heard this phrase, maybe used in business situations. It kind of means that we each bent a little gave a little compromised a little a little give and take until we reached an agreement. The first step in moving from an encounter to a close encounter with God is that we must come to terms with Him.

However, the problem is that God doesn’t negotiate. God doesn’t compromise. God doesn’t let us argue or bend a little here or there. In fact, He is very strict when it comes to the terms that must be met in order for us to get close to Him. Our problem is that most of us have grown up in a McDonald's Society that says we have the right and should demand to have it our way. So we carry this mentality over into our relationship with God and we try to demand that He meet us on our terms.

However, I have news for you today . . .Might shock some of you - God isn’t going to agree to let you have your way! He has terms that we must come into agreement with or line up with.

There are three (3) terms we must meet in order to get close to God.

1. Hungry - The very first term or condition that must be met is that we must be hungry. Those that hunger and thirst for Him will be filled.

2. Honest - The second term that must be met is that we must be honest! God never deals with us or allows us to remain dishonest. We must become brutally honest about who we are, who we are not, what we have and what we don’t have.

3. Holy - The third condition for us to have a close encounter is that we must be holy. Holiness is not optional, it is a prerequisite.

Do you really want to have a close encounter? If you answer yes - then you must become hungry. Your appetite must change. Do you want to have contact with Him? Then you must be brutally hones with yourself and those around you. Do you desire more of Him than you have ever experienced before? Then you must approach God consecrated and holy. We must deal ruthlessly with sin and our wickedness to make room for Him.

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