Jan 21, 2018

How to Stop Flirting With Sin.  Judges 16:1-20

Some of you are saying I don’t know what you talking about. I don’t do that. But we all do -to some degree or another. Flirting with sin can be a dangerous place to be. It can hinder your relationship with God. If we want to truly follow God/Chase after Him then we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up dabbling/flirting with sin.

Heb. 3:13 says “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

The writer of Hebrews was saying we must encourage one another so that none of us -are deceived by sin.or caught flirting with it.

 Almost by accident we can fall into a trap that’s good at encouraging one another in God’s forgiveness, but we never really warn one another of the dangers of sin.

 Judges 16: 1-20  In Judges 16....we read a familiar story of Samson and Delilah that shows us that temptation thrives to draw us away from God.

We need to realize is that sin will kill you. When we ignore God’s warnings in his word, we blind our eyes to the imminent danger. Talk about someone blind. Samson couldn’t see past Delilah. We tell ourselves we can dabble in sin and still come out on top. We say things like I am strong enough. I know my limits. I’ve got this.Temptation has a way of lowering our guard giving us a false sense of security.

Sin always has consequences. ALWAYS!  You may think you can flirt/dabble with it but you will lose. You may lose your marriage if you continue with a pornography habit. You may lose your job if you continue to steal from your company. You may end up losing everything if you plunge head first into drunkenness. Sin always has consequences! If we as the children of God chose to ignore the warning signs God's warnings will get louder and clearer.

But here is the good news: God’s discipline is meant to save us from death and separation from Him. God’s discipline is not pleasant, especially when you ignore the warnings. Warnings that are meant to keep you from harm. Don’t think you will continue flirt/dabble or walk in temptation without consequences.

Examine your life closely. Ask God to reveal the sin in your life. The sin you are flirting with. Maybe God has you squirming in your seat today. Get before the Lord. Repent and seek His forgiveness. Then ask for His strength to fight through the temptation.

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