June 3, 2018


Let take a look at Israel’s iTunes. Let’s start w/history lesson this morning.

The book of Psalms:

-The longest book in the Bible.

-Psalms means songs of praise.

-It has 150 chapters.

-Is divided into five collections: Chps. 1–41; 42–72; 73–89; 90–106; 107–150.

-It was written over a period of one thousand years.

-It was written by people from all walks of life from kings and priests to farmers and peasants.

-It’s said to be the oldest piece of literature in the Bible.

-Psalms is usually the book we turn to in times of trouble.

Psalm 19 is a wisdom psalm.

In Psalm 19 -we’re going to be reminded that God also loves to speak to us. And that he’s always speaking to us. And not just in one way but in two ways.

1. God speaks to us through nature.

Go outdoors tonight and look at the stars. You’ll get a sense of God’s presence. Listen and you’ll hear him.

Because creation exists there has to be a creator. God is always speaking. All of creation points to the Creator. Look at creation and you find the Creator.

“The heavens declare the glory of God.” When David set out to write a song about his God he decided to writeabout the God he knew. A God who spoke to him all the time, everywhere, through nature. But nature is not the only way God speaks.

2. David describes a God who spoke to him personally and privately, through Scripture.

God speaks to us through Scripture. God wrote us a manual, a guide if you will, so we’d know how to live in it. Scripture is God’s special revelation to us. It tells us things we could never know about God unless He did something to reveal them to us.

READ: vs10 - "If you will keep its commands you will avoid a lot of pain. And if you will practice what it tells you to do you will reap eternal rewards." The more you do what Scripture says the closer you will live your lifeto the way God designed it.

Of all the books you’ll read in this life and all the games, instructions and experiences you’ll absorb, only Scripture will endure forever. Scripture gently but firmly tells us what is right and what is wrong and encourages us to do the right thing. It teaches us how to live. God’s advice never loses value. If you have Scripture you can learn how to live a successful life. Scripture is one of our greatest possessions.

If we listen carefully....It’s the voice of God saying, “You don’t really want to do that. It’ll hurt you, and it’ll hurt others. Stay back. Stay away. Stop. Don’t go there.”  Or on the positive side; It will tell you “Be sure and love your neighbor. Be generous. Tithe. Serve. Pray. Invite people to church, invite them to Christ. Be like Jesus. Act like Jesus. Think like Jesus.”

Scripture will transform you into the person that when I get to heaven,  I will hear from the Father “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

God’s always speaking. He’s longing for us to carry on a conversation with Him. Don’t rush through life missing out on growing your relationship w/Him.

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