Mar 11, 2018

Close Encounters: Together - 2 Chronicles 5:13

In order to experience a close encounter with God. Lets look back to 2 Chronicles 5. 

Did you catch the key ingredient in the passage. Lets jump forward into the New Testament maybe it will become clear. Don’t just listen to what happens. Listen to find out how it happens.

Let’s try to tie the two passages together. The key in both passages for encountering the power and presence of God was being together -Being in unity. In both passages today, old and new, they made one voice. Perfect harmony. In one accord. If you want profound presence you must have profound unity! If we can get ahold of this principle we will consistently have a close encounter with God.

We think we can be on the outs with one another, not talk to each other, maybe gossip about each other or avoid each other.  But as long as the music is good, As long as the preaching is good, We will have His presence. But the reality is that if we are going against this principle we will not find Him. 

The anointing of God...The Glory of God, is produced by unity and unity alone.

If we will get in harmony, in unity with each other, there will be a blessing in this place that will cause God’s anointing flow. Lives to be changed, marriages will be restored, hurts to be healed and people will be saved.

No unity, no blessing! No unity, no presence. Our unity produces His anointing.

The anointing comes when we dwell in unity. Meaning all of us. God promises us a close encounter where two or three of us are gathered how? Together. What He is really promising is that when we agree on the same things, ask the same things, long for the same things and build the same things...He will show up.

We are to operate on Kingdom principles. We have to understand that this isn’t about me, it isn’t about you, it is about us, it is about them and it is about Him. We must willingly lay down our wants, our own demands , our agendas, our convenience, our own comfort zone and our preferences. That it is when we walk, worship, and work in unison...a close encounter takes place.

We to long for His blessing to overtake us and overtake this place. Let us walk in grace and love with one another. Let us strive for unity. Let us discover our connectedness. Let us bring all of our differences into this place to produce a powerful life-changing anointing in our lives. An anointing where healing can take place. Answers can be found. Breakthrough can occur. Because God is here!

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