Mar 25, 2018

No Other King - Mark 11:1-11

Today is Palm Sunday   (READ: Mark 11:1-11)

As Jesus rode into the city the people threw Palm branches onto the streets in anticipation of his coming. Thus we get our word Palm Sunday. This day marked a time of celebration where Jesus was the worshipped and praised. The cross is coming. We know that many people in this same crowd will switch from words of praise to words of death.

As we look around our nation we can see that. Many people know what to say, how to say it, even how to act it.  But when the rubber truly meets that road, there is no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No salvation, just empty words.

How can we have this committed faith? How can we be real and sincere? How can we be Consistent in all that we do…

Keys to just such a consistent faith:

Key #1 A committed faith is not self-centered, it is Christ-Centered

In our passage - the people praised Jesus as He passed by for two reasons. First, because of his miracles. Second, because they saw in Jesus a way to be to be set free from Rome. Their praise was with the attitude of Jesus what can you do for me. For them it was all about Me, Me, Me.

Key #2 is that a committed faith is relationship Driven. 

A committed faith comes only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not one that goes with the crowd (so to speak). One where every day is fresh and new as He personally leads our steps.

Key #3 Is that committed faith is not swayed or blocked by our personal trials and crises. 

Many of us come to Jesus expecting everything to go Good…Then life hits us, when the bottom drops out for us we often ask God Why? Thinking it is not supposed to happen this way. If our faith is based on our situations or circumstances it will never be a committed faith. It will always be casual.  A committed faith takes the good with the bad. Knowing that God is faithful to His word. Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. He will stand with us.

God has placed us exactly where we are. We must trust Him. When we trust Him we eventually see that He is using our pressures/trials/difficulties to bring us to a new place in our relationship w/Him. True Contentment comes when we accept what God is doing and thank Him for it.

Ask yourself ......Is my faith casual or committed? No Other King deserves your all. Choose to give it all to him…

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