Nov 19, 2017

Pastor Kelly
Overcoming Fear in Turbulent Times" Nehemiah 4:6-18

READ: Nehemiah 4: 6-18

 So what can we learn from Nehemiah

 1. As Christians expect enemies! Nehemiah had faced no enemies while sitting in the comfort of the palace.

 2. As Christians we need to understand that the enemy will underestimate us! Nehemiah's enemies underestimated the ability of the people to build and protect themselves.  

-Vs. 9 “But we prayed to our God and posted a guard Day and night to meet this threat.”

As Christians we can win because we have 4 key traits:

1. We know our weaknesses and set guards.

2. We need to have a heart to work.

3. To keep their mind on Christ.

4. As Christians we need a willingness to fight for others!

Good news God has placed you in a family that will rally to the call. We must set into place an alarm that is sounded when the call goes out when someone is sick, when someone suffers loss, when someone's world breaks apart we join forces and fight together.

 Please contact us if you would like us to email you the mp3 of the message.

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