Sept 16, 2018

Created for Significance: WHAT’S MY PURPOSE? Luke 14:1-24

Read Luke 14:1–6

Jesus looks at all the fellows looks down at this guy in need, and says, “Okay, I get it.

Can you see the scene? All the religious leaders are hanging out, one sick guy out front and way out front is Jesus.

Read Luke 14:7–11

In Jesus’ day, the pecking order was a lot more blatant. The more important you were the closer to you sat to the host.

Read verses 12–14

We can never allow ourselves to become Pharisees. We can never become a church where status is more important loving the broken.

There is much to learn from Luke 14 

1. God’s Word is powerful. He speaks to us through it if we are willing to listen and consider the truth He will show us who we are.

2. Prayer is powerful. A little two-sentence prayer changed my heart and my sense of direction and God’s calling

3. It’s easy to become a Pharisee. To get to the place in our life where you think you know what the rules are and then start living as if the rules matter more than people do.

4. It’s easy to get fuzzy on the purpose of life.

5. God always wants outsiders invited to his party. Are you willing to let God’s Word into your life? Will you set aside a time each day to read it and to listen for what God might be saying even when it’s hard to hear. Are you willing to pray? Are you willing to pray that little prayer when your life isn’t perfectly aligned with God’s purposes?

6. God’s purpose is to fill heaven with people from all walks of life. God has and wants more for all of His children when it comes to our commitment to Him to knowing Him, to following Him, and advancing His kingdom.

We should live our lives in such a way that we live it in pursuit of God’s will. Because, you were created for significance.

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