Ministries at LWM

For any church to be the body that God has called, many people need to be involved in all aspects of it's ministry. Living Waters Community Church has opportunities in many areas of it's ministry for you to become an active participant. Please prayerfully consider the following areas to see in which direction God is leading you. He is calling each of you to participate in some way at Living Waters Community Church, we just need to know where God wants to use you. A brief description description follows each need, see either the head of this ministry or Pastor for more details.

    Ministry Opportunities
  • Audio Team - Help with sound system for both services
  • Home Cell - Serve as Host for Home Bible Study Group
  • Host Ministry - Greet Newcomers - followup ministry
  • Missions Team - Responsible for Outreach Ministries
  • Nursery Attendent - Take care of babies and toddlers during Service
  • Nursing Home - One time per month for 1/2 hr -bring the Word to the people at Versailles Nursing   Home
  • Praise & Worship - Leading the congregation in Praising the Lord on Sunday monings
  • Ushers - Greet people as they come to church
  • Video Team - Help with Video productions for services
  • Email Newsleter-Email monthly newsletter to church family


    Ministry Contacts

  • Audio System Ministry - Contact Mark Brown
  • Custodians - Contact Jerry Kemper
  • Home Cell Group- Contact Pastor Kelly Moody
  • Host Ministry - Contact Pam Groff
  • Missions - Contact Sharon Henry
  • Nursery - Contact Cristy Moody 
  • Nursing Home - Contact Pastor Kelly Moody 
  • Praise & Worship - Contact Heidi Brown
  • Ushers - Contact Pastor Kelly Moody
  • Video Ministry - Contact Caitlin Moody

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