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In March of 2016, Steve and Amy Harman first heard about Time to Revive when radio station, Star 88.3, invited their local church to partner with reviveOHIO :: Darke County. At the time, Steve was serving as lead pastor and Amy as administrator for Living Waters Ministries (LWM) Community Church in Versailles, OH. One night, after meeting with Kyle and the TTR team during a prep trip, Steve prayerfully asked the Lord how they (he, Amy and their church as a whole) were to be involved with reviveOHIO. The word from the Lord was clear, “It’s your choice whether you put your hand to the plow or not, but once you do, don’t look back.” In response, they said yes, and were all in with reviveOHIO. Darke County’s first outreach week quickly turned into three and then spread to surrounding counties. Those weeks strengthened Steve and Amy’s resolve to share the Gospel with others; they love seeing people’s lives changed for Christ. They chose to put their hands to the plow, and they haven’t looked back!

Steve and Amy live in Yorkshire, OH. Steve has a doctrines degree in theology and loves teaching the Word of God. He faithfully served as Lead Pastor at LWM Community Church for 22 years. Amy’s background is in administration. Before joining the TTR team, she worked for her family’s business for 20 years, along with her service to LWM. They love spending time with their children and grandchildren and at their “home away from home” in the Great Smoky Mountains. Together, they enjoy restoring and repurposing old things, stained glass work and other types of craftsmanship. Steve sings baritone in the Harmanaires Gospel Quartet, along with his brother and two friends from high school. Amy’s hobbies include scrapbooking and photography, and she enjoys doing the marketing for Almost Home Cabins in Gatlinburg, TN.

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